GetResponse : all you need to know about this autoresponder

Having a website has become unavoidable if you want your activities to be seen by the largest part of the market. Behind the creation of a website, there is a mass of hard work that was not necessarily planned. Aside from content creation, or community management, you also have to follow your customers or clients through emails. On that regard, GetResponse is an autoresponder service that allows you to manage thousands of emails automatically.

GetResponse AutoresponderComprehensive services through GetResponse

There you are. Your business has gained a certain notoriety, particularly thanks to the Internet. Now you face emails from clients or potential customers that you can not neglect. You will have to deal with these one way or another. Of course you could write the emails one by one and send them to only targeted contacts. However, with this system you will soon or later (actually sooner than later!) be overflowed and not able to manage your time to deal with the tons of emails you’ll have to write and send every single day.

That’s why the use of an autoresponder become obvious. Sure you could walk to the other side of the planet by foot. It would take a lot of time and tremendous efforts. But you’ll make it eventually. But why not take an airplane and therefore save a lot of time and effort? Get the point?

Of the various autoresponder services, GetResponse is certainly among the most popular.

GetResponse : a (very) short history and review of the main services

Historically, GetResponse was created in the late 1990s in Poland. It was first known as Implix before taking its current name.
At first sight, the site is well presented, and available in twenty other languages, which makes this service an undeniable competitor of Aweber.
The list of products is available on the home page, including the autoresponder but also email marketing, webinars or automation marketing. The diversity of services gives the opportunity to compose a customized marketing strategy. GetResponse is therefore more than just an email broadcasting service provider. It offers a complete online marketing strategy beside its notorious autoresponder service.

GetResponse offers more than satisfactory customization

The autoresponder can be accessed via the email marketing service. The latter includes a copy-paste email editor, analysis tools, various types of forms, A / B tests to perfect the emails and the perfect timing allowing your emails to arrive at good time at the recipient.

Thanks to the advanced segmentation of contact lists, you have the opportunity to customize the content of your emails.

GetResponse offers more than a thousand images on its interface, allowing you to personalize the emails. Whatever your field of activity: online marketing, sport and leisure, health and beauty, education or other, you will definitely find the formula that will represent you best. More than one hundred templates are available on GetResponse.

GetResponse has put a lot of effort on its ergonomics

The use of the platform is intuitive and simplified. We can get lost in the middle of the different options but when you know what you want, you easily find what you are looking for. Free training sessions are offered to facilitate the handling. Several resources are also available to users including white papers and other guides. GetResponse already has more than 350,000 users worldwide and is present in 182 countries.
Among the positive points of the software we can mention the fact that emails appear on all devices. At a time when people are more connected on their mobile than on a desktop, it is more likely to hold the customer’s attention via his smartphone.

The main interest of email marketing is to increase the conversion rate, in other words, the consumer’s decision to opt for the product or service you offer. Luckily the forms offered on GetResponse help to increase this rate. The same goes for webinars that can hold up to 500 participants simultaneously.
In terms of price, GetResponse stands it the middle of all the major autoresponder competitors.

GetResponse is definitely a major actor in its industry.

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