Understand the open rate of your emails

Email marketing is considered a science in its own right given the different experiences and formulas that result.

Web marketers have nowadays at their disposal many tools that allow them to refine their strategy and reach the customers. Among those tools, we find the open rate, a logical continuation of the rate of deliverability. We have already mentioned the subject in the previous article.

What is the opening rate ?

The opening rate, as its name suggests, is the percentage of emails opened by recipients. This is the result of the ratio between the number of open mails on the number of mails delivered.

The calculation of this rate is automatically delivered by the autoresponder software such as GetResponse or Aweber for instance.

When you launch your email campaign, your software inserts an invisible 1-pixel image into the email in question. When the mail has been opened on the recipient’s computer, the image has been downloaded and sent back to the router. Even if the process does not indicate that the email was actually read, it already allows to appreciate the number of people who were interested in the purpose of the campaign. In each campaign, you can evaluate your effectiveness and improve your approaches.

Techniques to increase your open rate

In the first place, we must not neglect the phase of segmentation of these contacts. From this point, you have the first opportunity to customize the content of your emails.

Indeed, an email will not be perceived in the same way according to the age, the sex, or the socio-professional category of your list of contacts. Take the time to group contacts according to their affinities as they will be more sensitive to a message that seems to be personally addressed to them.

Then, it is verified that the emails are open if the mentioned object is interesting. Forget the usual object line. If there is one stage where you have to spend time, it is on the subject line of the email.

According to one study, an email with an interesting object line has an additional 26% chance of being opened. In addition, a personalized message has a 10% chance of becoming a conversion.

Feel free to send personalized emails via your autoresponder on the occasion of birthdays for example. This method can be as old as the world, but still remains effective.

Learn to put yourself in the customer’s shoes

The success of an email with a good open rate also depends on the time of sending. Timing is everything as one says. This is also true for emails.

Is your contact better able to open the morning, or late afternoon emails? Have you taken into account the time differences between you and your many customers? Once again, you should not neglect the segmentation of your emails. Even for this little detail.

If despite these tips, you are not satisfied with the open rate, don’t give up. The only risk is that your emails will be sent in the spam folder. As long as you are not in this situation, keep trying and keep track of your statistics. Make reminders. Test. Sometimes, by simply changing the subject of your email, you can gain new openings. In the process, you can also change the timing. A/B tests are also very useful to discover what works best.

Be careful not to drown your recipient under a stack of emails since you don’t want your contacts to unsubscribe.

Understanding the open rate of your emails is important because with a few small settings in your autoresponder, you can refine your emails and make them more and more attractive. As a result, your subscribers will be more and more likely to open your emails. As a result, they will be exposed to your offers and will more likely buy the products or services you offer them.

What is the email deliverability ? And why is it important ?

Email has become over time an inseparable tool of everyday life. Whether professionally or personally, it is an effective instrument. Web marketing has understood the importance of this tool, hence the advent of email marketing. Among the tools used to judge the effectiveness of autoresponders, the deliverability rate is generally used.

The deliverability rate: explanation

By definition, the deliverability rate is the amount (in percentage) of emails actually received in the mailboxes of the recipients. It is the result of the ratio between the number of emails sent compared to the number of emails actually delivered.

In absolute terms, the rate should be 100% or in other words, all emails sent should ideally arrive in the inbox.

For an email to reach its destination, it must cross two main barriers.

First it is necessary that the email is authorized by the server of the ISP or Internet Service Provider of the recipient. This first step crossed, the mail has yet to pass the barrier of the inbox.
In general, the deliverability rate measures the delivery of the mail at the ISP level. It is much more complicated for routers to guarantee that the mail object will arrive in the inbox or in spam.

Which autoresponder has the best deliverability rate ?

The major autoresponders such as GetResponse and Aweber have high deliverability rates. For good reason, they enjoy a good reputation that allows generated emails to cross the various barriers.

However, maintaining the deliverability rate is a constant effort. For this, it is recommended to correct errors with each sending. That way, you reduce your ‘hard bounces’ rate, meaning the fact that your emails automatically fail the first checkpoint (the ISP servers).

Idealy, you should have an IP address dedicated to sending. This allows you to attract the trust of the various servers and therefore sustain a very high delivery rate for your next campaigns.

A complementary indicator for email deliverability : the opening rate

Beside the deliverability rate, it is also necessary to take into account the opening rate which allows a better appreciation of the effectiveness of your emailing campaign. More precisely, it is the number of opened emails divided by the number of emails delivered. This rate makes it possible to check if the email has been opened by the recipients. The more your emails, once delivered into your recipient inboxes, are opened, the more trust your campaign gains. When

In order to optimize your deliverability rate, here are some tips that can help you build your reputation with different servers :

  • The collection of email addresses: we have all at least once been victim of receiving an unsollicited email whose sender is unknown to us. Be sure that during the collection of email addresses, you have the authorization of the account holder in order to send him the emails you have planned. The double opt-in allows you to make sure that someone who enter his email address confirms his wish to received your emails.
  • Frequency of sending: some people have no problem receiving multiple emails from the same sender every day. Others would prefer just a monthly reminder. The behavior of the recipient is crucial for the next email campaigns. From time to time, take a moment to check if your mode of operation suits them. Otherwise you face the risk of of being sent to the spam box or loose your subscriber.

Being aware of the importance of the deliverability rate of the autoresponder service you have chosen is therefore essential. Knowing your opening rate come right after is you want to build a lucrative activity on the Internet. Without a doubt AWeber and GetResponse both offer a good guarantee of deliverability rate for your email campaigns.


GetResponse : all you need to know about this autoresponder

Having a website has become unavoidable if you want your activities to be seen by the largest part of the market. Behind the creation of a website, there is a mass of hard work that was not necessarily planned. Aside from content creation, or community management, you also have to follow your customers or clients through emails. On that regard, GetResponse is an autoresponder service that allows you to manage thousands of emails automatically.

GetResponse AutoresponderComprehensive services through GetResponse

There you are. Your business has gained a certain notoriety, particularly thanks to the Internet. Now you face emails from clients or potential customers that you can not neglect. You will have to deal with these one way or another. Of course you could write the emails one by one and send them to only targeted contacts. However, with this system you will soon or later (actually sooner than later!) be overflowed and not able to manage your time to deal with the tons of emails you’ll have to write and send every single day.

That’s why the use of an autoresponder become obvious. Sure you could walk to the other side of the planet by foot. It would take a lot of time and tremendous efforts. But you’ll make it eventually. But why not take an airplane and therefore save a lot of time and effort? Get the point?

Of the various autoresponder services, GetResponse is certainly among the most popular.

GetResponse : a (very) short history and review of the main services

Historically, GetResponse was created in the late 1990s in Poland. It was first known as Implix before taking its current name.
At first sight, the site is well presented, and available in twenty other languages, which makes this service an undeniable competitor of Aweber.
The list of products is available on the home page, including the autoresponder but also email marketing, webinars or automation marketing. The diversity of services gives the opportunity to compose a customized marketing strategy. GetResponse is therefore more than just an email broadcasting service provider. It offers a complete online marketing strategy beside its notorious autoresponder service.

GetResponse offers more than satisfactory customization

The autoresponder can be accessed via the email marketing service. The latter includes a copy-paste email editor, analysis tools, various types of forms, A / B tests to perfect the emails and the perfect timing allowing your emails to arrive at good time at the recipient.

Thanks to the advanced segmentation of contact lists, you have the opportunity to customize the content of your emails.

GetResponse offers more than a thousand images on its interface, allowing you to personalize the emails. Whatever your field of activity: online marketing, sport and leisure, health and beauty, education or other, you will definitely find the formula that will represent you best. More than one hundred templates are available on GetResponse.

GetResponse has put a lot of effort on its ergonomics

The use of the platform is intuitive and simplified. We can get lost in the middle of the different options but when you know what you want, you easily find what you are looking for. Free training sessions are offered to facilitate the handling. Several resources are also available to users including white papers and other guides. GetResponse already has more than 350,000 users worldwide and is present in 182 countries.
Among the positive points of the software we can mention the fact that emails appear on all devices. At a time when people are more connected on their mobile than on a desktop, it is more likely to hold the customer’s attention via his smartphone.

The main interest of email marketing is to increase the conversion rate, in other words, the consumer’s decision to opt for the product or service you offer. Luckily the forms offered on GetResponse help to increase this rate. The same goes for webinars that can hold up to 500 participants simultaneously.
In terms of price, GetResponse stands it the middle of all the major autoresponder competitors.

GetResponse is definitely a major actor in its industry.

Try GetResponse for free by clicking the link below :

> > >  Try GetResponse For Free Here < < <

Aweber The Best Autoresponder ?

A must-have autoresponder: AWEBER

The service of an autoresponder is almost unavoidable if you wish to establish a contact with your customers.

Aweber is considered the leader of autoresponders in the world. That’s also what I would consider it my best autoresponder.

Thanks to all the innovative services and regular new features to make the autoresponder the top notch choice, Aweber fill all the needs of web marketers.
For web marketers dealing with other geographical markets, Aweber features the use of foreign accents which can make a real difference when communicating with foreign customers.
Eventhough the administration office is only in English, Aweber lets you send emails in foreign languages. Perfect if you want to work on overseas markets that are sometimes considered easier to deal with since there is less competition.

A short summary of the Aweber autoresponder

Sending emails to customers

Aweber Systems, Inc. is a company created in 1998 with the mission to enable entrepreneurs to build relationships with their customers through emails meeting their expectations. Being able to customize their emails, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to increase their business automatically. Aweber is both effective at reaching new customers, building loyalty but also making a personalized follow-up.

By visiting the Aweber website, we find a sober website that offers the essential services. Do not be fooled by ths sober look because Aweber hides more than one trick in his bag. Indeed, it offers more than 700 templates. You will definitely find one (or more) that will perfectely fit the expectations of your customers.

Check this video below to discover how AWeber helps you work with email templates:

Email templates are available in HTML format to manage font size and shape as you see fit. Of course, you can insert images and very importantly, you have the opportunity to view your email before sending it. You can also attach pdf files to your emails which is very convenient for those who wish to stand out with the sending of an ebook.

A well-documented contact list via Aweber

For contacts, Aweber gives the possibility to save up to 25 custom data fields. It’s up to you to decide what information you need, from name to age, geography and more.

Depending on the data received, you have the possibility to track unlimited and personalized messages sent. The reminders are made according to their treatment, depending on whether they have been deleted, refused and so on.

The contacts can be segmented according to predefined behaviors for example the products bought, the amount of the basket purchased, if the mail was opened or not, the pages visited, etc. Aweber delivers statistics on the different behaviors of the contacts. This gives you the opportunity to correct your campaign so that it fits and touches the customers on the right spot.

Aweber also allows you to import contact lists from other autoresponders which make the switch as easy as possible.

Regarding the delivery rate of emails, we can say that Aweber autoresponder is definitely at the top of the list.
In general, Aweber adapts to a wide variety of platforms such as WordPress, Cyfe, Paypal as well as various social networks and many others.
As a matter of fact, Aweber has made an agreement with email services (like Yahoo! Mail (Oath), Google Mail, AOL, …) so that emails sent through Aweber servers are not considered like spams since the receivers have dutifully agreed to receive messages the moment they added voluntarily their email address to a contact list.

Email campaigns can even be managed from your mobile phone thanks to the Aweber application. You can receive statistics or adjust sending schedules from your phone or tablet which is particularly convenient when you are on the go.

Aweber offers very complete services. You can follow trainings and tutorials to master the different features. In case of problems, the customer service is at your disposal.

All things considered, we can safely say that AWEBER is definitely considered like the BEST AUTORESPONDER on the market.

The first month of testing on Aweber is totally free.
Try it safely for 30 days via visiting AWEBER.com.

Why should I use an autoresponder in my business ?

What is the interest of an autoresponder in your activity?

The autoresponder is a marketing tool used to maintain contact with your customers. Even if your customers are using more and more social networks, email still represents 35% of the audience (if not more). For any business, the use of an autoresponder is mandatory to win a new customer base, offer a loyalty program and sustain his business growth.

What is an autoresponder?

Computer using an autoresponder

When setting up a business, you have to make yourself known to the public and develop a customer base. Since the spread of the Internet use, it is particularly important to have your own website to be known.
Unfortunately, a simple visit on a website is not enough to create the purchase decision. Indeed, it is necessary to maintain contact with this potential customer to be able to convince him to place the order thereafter. In order to maintain this contact, the autoresponder was developed.

An autoresponder is actually a software that is configured and activated to respond automatically – but in a personalized way – to people who are interested in your products or services. You determine the message to be delivered and the frequency of the email distribution and everything is done automatically.

If you have a base of a thousand email addresses to manage, you do not spend time answering them one by one. A single email template is enough for you to keep in touch with your many customers (new and old).

Why use the services of an autoresponder?

In Internet language, there are two main states. First, the traffic that is defined by the visits a user makes when he is visiting a website. Second, the quality of the visit when a purchase is actually made.

The problem with simple visits is that they bring nothing to the owner of the website. This traffic should indeed turn into a purchase or in other words (a.k.a. the conversion rate) to be able to make a profit. It is of course this crucial step that brings you benefits.

Sending emails to customersIn order for the autoresponder to work, it is of course necessary to collect the email addresses of the future clients. Generally, the visitor is offered a gift as an incentive (ebook or video training) in return for leaving his email address. Once the registration is done, this email address is added to the mailing list of your autoresponder. You now have to program the content and the moment to send a welcome email to your new subscriber. It is then up to you to plan your communication campaign in order to maintain a close relationship with your customers and thus achieve loyalty.

Because a loyal customer is a customer who buys more easily and makes your advertisement around him there are many advantages to keep in touch with visitors to your site.

Thanks to an autoresponder, you can also promote regular offers to your customers or even give them special rewards. You can filter your customers based on the information you have collected in order to make better targeted promotional offers. By targeting and personalizing your communication, you multiply the effectiveness of your advertising campaign by 10.

In addition, if you have several product lines, you can develop each range according to each type of customer and in parallel. You will then determine the frequency of sending emails to the right recipients, all in a few clicks.

The autoresponder software offers you multiple options to customize and boost your email opening rate. You can include images, use different colors, and so on in order to perfectly fit the image of your company.

Conclusion : Should you use an autoresponder in your business ?

If you want to move up one notch with your online business, the use of an autoresponder will sooner or later be inevitable. So save a lot of time by starting today to take control of this tool that will explode your sales and dramatically increase the relationship with your customers.

We invite you to test one of the best two autoresponders listed below:

GetResponse – one of the most flexible, ultra efficient and in various languages autoresponder. Particularly useful for affiliate marketing.

Aweber – considered as the Rolls-Royce of the autoresponders, particularly reliable and perfect for online businesses.

Emailing with an autoresponder
Keep in touch with your customers